About Smith's Grants

Our help is provided in the form of financial grants, goods in kind or vouchers depending on each applicant's needs.

The Grants are funded by the Henry Smith Horley Parish Charity to help individual residents or families who live in Horley, Salfords and Sidlow to make their lives a little easier or to enable them to take up opportunities to improve their circumstances.

Examples are as follows: help to buy children's school shoes; contribution towards paying for a special anniversary; assistance towards a school trip or to buy some books or equipment  for college or university.                       This is only a selection, and every day we help with so much more. JUST ASK

Every application is considered and there are no social, religious, ethnic, gender, age or sexual orientation exclusions. Applications are confidential and the Charity does not have any connections with the statutory authorities. 

If you would like more information either send us an email (see Contact Us page) or download and send us an application.

We look forward to hearing from you.